A day in Wales

A place I haven’t seen much of, but definitely plan to. For the parts I have seen.. such a beautiful place!

I decided on a trip to Wales, purely to see my friend whose lucky enough to live there. But then at the same time, get to see a little bit of the beauty’s of Wales.

It takes around 2 hours to get there (depending on traffic). This time it was a Sunday, so traffic isn’t so bad, it could have something to do with the time we set off.. 8am (early for a Sunday morning I know). But this definitely made travelling down there that bit better.

The first stop was Mcdonalds, obviously. A quick breakfast ready for the day ahead. We knew there was going to be lots of driving involved and only had the one day to do it all in. So, after our breakfast we picked up our friend. Then drove from her house to Talacre Beach (it takes around 20 minutes).



Talacre Beach is somewhere I haven’t been before, or even heard of. It’s a cute little seaside place that would make for a lovely day out. I went in November, so not the best season to be walking along a beach. This place would be perfect on a summers day. There is a car park just at the side of a pub a minutes walk from the beach, which only costs 20p (I believe it was for an hour).



This was like dog walkers paradise, I’m a dog lover so you can imagine my excitement when I arrived to be greeted by a puppy just about to take a walk along the beach. We ended up not staying too long, the weather hadn’t been amazing the day before, so there was lots of water still on the path ways leading up to the sand. I hadn’t come prepared for a muddy walk, so we decided against it.. but stopped long enough to get some scenic pictures and a decision to come again when the weather was nicer.

From Talacre Beach we then drove to Conwy.. a place I have been before, but quite a while ago. We got parked up in a car park not too far from Conwy Front, then made our way into the small quaint town of Conwy. It’s filled with shops and cafe’s. Not a huge place, but definitely plenty to do. We went to a cafe called Conwy Pantry (the christmas decorations drew me in). A cute little cafe which seemed to get really busy the moment we sat down at our table. I had a cappuccino and a slice of millionaires shortbread.. yummy.



We made a reservation at a pub called The mulberry which is on the Marina in Conwy. It is a 15/20 minute walk from the cafe we went to or a 5 minutes drive. I recommend driving, but if you fancy the walk, it’s the perfect place to do it. Like I said before, we visited on a Sunday, so it was only right we had a Sunday Dinner. I had the beef sunday roast, which was amazing (I couldn’t eat it all – it was a huge portion). The food was amazing but the place itself was even better.


Once we had finished our dinner, we went for a walk along the marina. Something I absolutely loved doing. It was full of boats and lots of people doing the same thing as us.. taking in the views. It made for some very good pictures too (always a bonus).




After our food had settled, we made our way back to our friends house.. just in time for us to set off home in order to avoid lots of traffic.

An all round fantastic day taking in the beauty of Wales.


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