Why reading is good for you

I’m a reader, I think we’ve all established this by now.. When I was younger, I always had my head in a book, I would spend majority of my time reading in some form or another. During my teenage years this kind of slowed down, you know how it is.. being with your friends became more important. But recently over the past few years I’ve started to read again.

We all read on a daily basis, the first thing we do on a morning is pick up our phones and scroll through social media, or we read the news paper, magazines or the news app.

We spend far too much time looking at a screen..  that so, books became something of the past, for the majority. Which is fine, but honestly, there is nothing better than reading an actual book.. no screens, no audio, an actual paper book!

I became one of those people that would spend majority of my time ‘reading’ but only on my phone.. I would read books.. on my phone, I would read the news.. on my phone. I was surrounded by social media, so reading a book wasn’t a priority. Then one day I picked up a book I’d had for years but never read. Then my obsession with reading came flooding back, and ever since I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t pick up a book.

I guess my point of this post is, us as people need to read actual books way more than we do. Reading is so good for your mind, it’s a way of escaping for a little while. Whether it be fiction, an autobiography, a love story, a thriller.. whatever it may be, it gives us some time where the only thing going through our mind is what is going on in that book.

I find if a read at least 30 minutes every single day, I feel so much better (it helps that I’m obsessed with books) but that 30 minutes per day helps me so much. I turn off my phone (or put it on silent), turn off the TV and laptop so I don’t get distracted and focus purely on my book.

I’m always telling my friends and family they should read more, always recommending new books (mainly self help), and always expressing how good it is for the mind. Whenever I’m on the train I look around and in the hundreds of people there are only a handful of people reading a book or newspaper, the rest are.. on their phones.

I find self help books and thrillers the most interesting and also a romantic story thrown in every now and then. These are the types that attract me and make me want to read, I can get lost in a book for hours.. I always used to find myself scrolling on some sort of screen right before I went to sleep, now I don’t, I read. Which for me has worked wonders for my sleeping pattern.

They don’t have to cost a fortune either, you don’t have to buy them from the shops brand new or newly released (unless you want to), charity shops have some amazing books in, usually one offs so get it right away. I find myself reading on public transport (usually a plane) and when I’m laid on a beach, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book whilst laid in the sun.

Find something you like, a genre of book that interests you and get reading!

2 thoughts on “Why reading is good for you

  1. Absolutely agree! I always feel like the more books I get under my belt the wider my vocabulary grows as well, I feel like without reading we’d be a bit to simplified with our choice in words. It helps expand your mind and thoughts, it’s not only educational but when you find great fantasy novels as well it can really encourage imagination and creativity.

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