How to be productive

Being productive and staying productive are two completely different things..

I’d like to say I’m fairly productive, but there’s always room for improvement. I used to struggle with this, I knew what I wanted to do but getting myself motivated enough to do something productive just didn’t come naturally to me. But now, I think I’ve near enough cracked it.. so I thought I would share with you all the things I do to be productive on a daily basis.

Being productive comes in some many different ways, but for the most part it’s about getting things done! Whether that be going to the gym, getting through that enormous list of ‘things to do’ or just completing all your work. If you’re doing something that makes you satisfied once you’ve done it, then you’re being productive.

8 hours of sleep/Go to bed early – Get up early
To be productive you need to feel good, awake and ready for the day. To feel awake and ready for the day, you need to have a good nights sleep.. every night. 8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep, but getting that is easier said than done. A few of the points below work hand in hand with allowing you to get a good nights sleep, the right amount. Too little sleep you’ll feel rubbish and the last thing you will want to do is anything productive. Too much sleep also has the same effect. The right amount allows you to feel refreshed enough to get through the day. My none productive days come after a late night/late get up. So I always try to stick to a good sleep routine, so I’m able to be as productive as possible!

Drink 2 litres of water every day
This one may seem irrelevant to some, but for me this works. Our bodies need water, lots of it! 2 Litres every single day is the recommended amount. Staying hydrated is extremely important for our bodies and our minds. I always know when I haven’t had enough water, I feel tired and can feel my body start to slow down. Being productive isn’t about being on the go all the time, it’s about making the most out of our day. So when I’ve drank all my water and had a good nights sleep I get up in the morning ready to get everything done.

Balanced diet/Gym routine
Eating healthy is always important, not just for being productive, but in general (I’m not the best at this) but I try. Healthy body, healthy mind as they say. A gym routine on the other hand, works wonders for being productive.. especially if you go first thing in the morning. When you’ve finished your work out, you get a rush of ‘feel good’ emotions, you feel ready to take on the world, a little achy but still ready. That then carries on throughout your day, which in turn helps you become more productive. If you can’t make it to the gym, a few exercises at home will do the trick.

Set goals for every day
I tend to do this the day before. I get out my list pad and write down everything I want to get done the next day. Then they are ready for me first thing in the morning, after your workout and shower you can then crack on with getting through your list. Big goals, small goals, whatever size.. just tick them off as the day goes by.

This works wonders for me, no matter what time of day I manage to do it, it works. If I’m having a busy day, these 5/10 minutes help to keep me going. 5/10 minutes of pure silence, in my environment and in my head. Busy days can sometimes be overwhelming so meditation helps to keep me on track, gives me a well needed break so I can go about my day doing everything I need to.

Read something motivational every day
Whether it be a book, YouTube video on motivational speakers or just a simple quote you found on Instagram. Something inspirational, something that makes you think yes I can do this, is a perfect way of being productive. Sometimes we just need that little boost through the day. I have a folder on my phone with a few inspirational quotes in, so when I’m not feeling too productive, I take a look and then get straight on with my ‘to do’s’.

Focus on your own life 
Not what anyone else is doing. The quickest way of becoming unmotivated and unproductive is by concentrating on what everyone else is doing around you. Seeing how their lives are turning out, what they’re doing on a daily basis. Focus on you, what you are doing, how far you’ve come, just always stay focused on you.

Get outside at least once a day
This might not seem relevant but it definitely helps. Fresh air (especially now we’re in the colder months) is so good for your mind. A brisk walk up to the shops for some milk, rather than driving your car can do you the world of good. Or even take your dog for a walk to the local park, anything to get yourself out of the house. Just because you’re not sitting getting through that essay that’s due in doesn’t mean you’re not being productive. Being productive also means taking care of yourself, so that bit of fresh air once a day will work wonders.. then you can crack on with your essay.

Be good to yourself 
All the above are ways of being good to yourself. But most importantly, give yourself a break. If one day you wake up and just don’t feel like doing anything you’ve planned, have the day off to relax. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do too much every day. Yes set your goals, don’t be lazy and sit procrastinating for days on end. But allow yourself to have a break every now and then. Reward yourself with a chill day, get a long bath, get your hair done, eat way too many donuts.. and then get straight back on with it the day after. Being productive is tiring sometimes, so be good to yourself.

Do something that makes you happy once a day
Everyone has their own ways of being truly happy. And sometimes we’re so focused on our goals that we forget to enjoy ourselves. My happiness comes from my dog, she’s with me every single day but whenever I’m feeling a little run down from all the things I’ve had to do that day, I go and cuddle my dog. She’s my little bit of happiness in every single day. Do something that makes you smile once a day and I promise you will become more productive in the long run.

These are just a few things that help to be productive and also stay productive, obviously they won’t work for everyone, but for me they definitely do!

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