Why I use notebooks for almost everything

I’m an organizer, I need to know where I am with everything at all times! I suppose I’ve always been this way, but for the past few years I’ve become very organised, (well so I like to think).

I’ve always loved stationery, right from being a child (kind of a random thing to like but there we are). Notebooks, pens, highlighters, erasers etc. Most children would love to be stood in a toy store, Me? I loved the stationery stores. I’d save up my pocket money and every month or so me and my family would go shopping. Don’t get me wrong quite a lot of my money would go on earrings in Claire’s Accessories, but the rest would be on any kind of stationery there was at that time. I would spend hours looking at pens and all the pretty notebooks. (This probably explains my love for writing, hence why I started a blog).

Anyway I’m rambling.. On to what my post is actually about.

To this day I still love notebooks and all things stationery, as much as I did when I was younger. Maybe a little less, because things have become WAY more technical these days. It makes life easier having everything you need stored on a laptop, but I still love to write everything down on paper.

I love being as organised as possible and I love writing, so having numerous notebooks for different things definitely helps. Now that everything is done on a laptop or wrote in your notes on your phone, this seems a little outdated to a lot of people. So probably the only people who still do this are the ones like me… love of writing kind of people.

I have notebooks for almost everything, I always think, what if my phone breaks or what if my laptop doesn’t save my documents.. then what am I going to do? So this way I know all the things I need to remember are wrote down and won’t ever get lost (unless you misplace your notebook).

So these are a few ideas of how notebooks can be useful and what I use mine for; Blog posts – this one kind of goes without saying, I need one purely for my blog post ideas and a more in depth description of what my post is going to be about (If you’re a blogger you’ll already have one of these). This is my most used notebook, I’m always referring back to it for future posts, so having everything written down all in one place makes life so much easier when it comes to organizing and writing blog posts.

Passwords – Almost every site you go on these days you need an account for, so remembering all those hundreds of passwords is not possible. I do write a few important ones in my phone but having them all wrote down and put away for when I need them comes in very handy.

General everyday things – you know when you need to remember something and you just write it down anywhere? Maybe you’ve been on the phone and need to remember a number or some details, this is where this notebook comes in (the random one), full of almost everything. Like I said before, they aren’t for everyone but this one helps me out a lot!

A to do list – I don’t know if you’d class this as a notebook, its more of a list. I’ve got a ‘to do’ list specifically for all the things I need to do that day (or week). I’m an organiser, it would be silly not to have one of these. This way I can keep going back to my list and make sure I’ve done everything I set out to do that morning.

Gratitude/goals/achievement – This is only a recent one for me. For the past year I’ve become very focused on what I want out of my life and what I’m grateful for, that’s a whole other post so I won’t bore you with it now. But this one helps me massively, especially when it comes to my goals. I like to write it all down and re read every so often. I can then look back and see if I have achieved anything from my list, How many goals I’ve met, and also keep adding to my list of things I’m grateful for. This helps with organizing your thoughts.

I tend to buy notebooks whilst on holiday or travelling.. because why would I not want a pretty notebook from Disney Land?, that I can make very good use of but also save as a memento from my trip.


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