Things to do in Santorini Part Two

I promised a second part to my ‘things to do in Santorini’ post.. so here it is.

I couldn’t fit everything in one post without boring you all with my rambling. So I figured two parts would be much better. I’ll just get straight on with the post..

Day trips
I understand organised day trips aren’t for everyone, some people prefer to hire a car or a quad bike and explore the island themselves. But for those of you like me who still want to make the most of the holiday by seeing as much as possible without the hassle of driving, then Day Trips are for you. I went on two during my time in Greece, one with a company called Kamari Tours and another with TUI. Both day trips lasted around 7 hours (which can sometimes seem like a long time). The beauty of day trips is the tour guides are experienced and know all the best places to go (so you don’t have to do the thinking for yourself). I recommend doing a little research before booking one, just to make sure they include everything you would like to do. Both trips cost around 45 euros per person, which is so cheap for what they included.


Visit Santo’s Winery
I visited Santo’s winery twice, the only reason being.. it was included in both day trips. Santo’s winery sits on one of the highest points in Santorini, so you can only imagine how amazing the view is. This place is huge and is filled every day with hundreds of people all sampling the local wines. There is a huge terrace which over looks the Caldera, where people gather and take in the beauty of Santorini. During our visit to Santo’s winery, we went into the cellars where they take you through the wine process on how it is made (I loved this part). Then obviously the best part is the wine tasting along with a few nibbles. I’m not much of a wine drinker but honestly the wines we sampled were beautiful! There’s the option to get wine shipped home if you enjoy them that much.






Take it all in – Do your own exploring
This one sort of goes without saying, exploring on your own is the best way of making the most of your holiday. The island is only small, you can travel from one end to the other in a car in just 45 minutes. I found the most amazing places just by wondering around, not particular ‘tourist spots’ but views, the best places to see the sunset, the artsy pictures which I LOVE. The places you probably wouldn’t come across if you were in a car. When I look back through my pictures, majority of my favourites are from places I just stumbled across. Santorini is a breath taking place, so seeing as much of it as possible is essential.








Mesa Gonia 
This was another which was included in a day trip, somewhere I wouldn’t have thought about going to if it wasn’t scheduled into the tour. You would need a way of transport as local buses only run to the main parts of the island, so getting here wouldn’t be easy. It is a small town which is so picturesque and makes for the most beautiful pictures. We got off the coach and went for a 10 minute walk through the small town, stopping to take pictures. This town looks deserted but there are still people living here (just not many). On the main street there are a few houses and a big church, but so much to see.





Visit a Monastery
I understand this isn’t for everyone but something I’m definitely glad I did. Monasterio Profeta Elías is a monastery located in between Pyrgos and Kamari villages. It stands at one of the highest points in Santorini, so as you can imagine the views are amazing! (But also a little scary for those not fond of heights). I visited here on a coach so travelling up the windy roads wasn’t something I was too thrilled about. But none the less an experience I’m glad I had. You can enter the monastery during certain times but have to wear appropriate clothing (make sure your shoulders are covered up). You can even buy some of the products made at the monastery, all home made using fresh ingredients grown here.







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