My go to Fake Tan

Along with all other things beauty related, fake tan is another product I love. I’ve used fake tan for so long now, it’s become part of my routine. I’m fair skinned, so having a natural tan all year round is a little harder for me. So I figured a healthier not to mention, safer way for me to always have a tan, is to use fake tan.

If you’re like me and use fake tan regularly, then you can agree that it takes time finding the perfect one for you. I’ve tried so many different brands, I’ve lost count. (I remember my first being the Rimmel 24 hour wash off tan).. I still use that, to this day.

Over the years, fake tan has improved so much! When I first started using it (around 9 years ago) there wasn’t a big selection and finding one perfect for your skin was a lot harder. These days it’s a little bit of a mindfield choosing a tan. The variety is amazing, so many different types of tans.. but equally making it that bit harder to pick the right one.

There are so many; express tans, tinted moisturisers, 7 day tanners, instant tanners (24 hour), shimmer tans, mousses, oils, sprays.. the list goes on. If you’ve ever gone into a store to buy a tan, you will know what I’m talking about! It’s hard work, quite intimidating actually, so I thought I would share with you my ‘Favourite’, the one I’m using currently, and will be for a very long time (nothing can beat it at the moment).

Skinny tan! The tan I’ve been using for just over a year, suits my skin perfectly.. does everything I want it to. When wearing fake tan, I want something long lasting (around a week). Something that stays put and doesn’t look patchy as it’s starting to fade. This product does just that. I have fairly dry skin at times, especially during the winter months, and sometimes have small dry patches in places on my arms. I needed something that doesn’t extenuate this.

As anyone should, I always make sure to exfoliate and moisturise before applying a layer of tan. I use a moisturiser every single day, due to the dry patches on my arms.. this way my skin is always soft ready for applying my fake tan. I even use moisturiser on top of my fake tan, mainly to keep my dry skin at bay but also it helps to prolong my tan without having to keep re-applying.

I use the shade dark in the mousse form, this works for me, as I like to clearly see where I have applied my tan. Once applied, I go to bed and leave it to develop during the night. The next morning I shower to get rid of the excess, leaving a gorgeous even tan. Like I said before, I use a moisturiser over the top but this isn’t a ‘must do’ step, it’s just what works for me.

This tan is Vegan, so as you can imagine is so much better for your skin. It is sold in many places in the UK; Boots, superdrug, Skinny tan website, Amazon, along with many more. So this makes it an easy product to get hold of.

Skinny Tan Mousse Fake Tan DARK          Link to the tan on Amazon.

This brand is by far the best fake tan I have ever tried, and I won’t be changing it any time soon..


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