5 must haves for your handbag

I’m that typical girl with far too many items in my handbag. I’m always complaining my shoulders hurt after a day of shopping. The only reason for this is because I put way too many things in there.

My current handbag is relatively big, so it’s so easy to just keep adding things in without even realising. I try my best to clear them out on a daily basis, but I’m a girl and apparently I need everything with me at all times just in case.

Obviously we have the essentials; purse, phone, car keys, house keys etc. So I thought I would share with you the must haves that I carry around in my handbag (that I will not leave the house without).

I’m a big water drinker, always have been and always will be. I like to have a bottle on me majority of the time. Rather than constantly buying bottles of water every time I’m out and about and adding to the plastic consumption, I take my own. Which goes without saying, is way better for the environment. I’m all about doing what I can to cut down on the amount of plastic I use (hopefully one day it will be none what so ever). So anyway, I carry a reusable plastic bottle that I use on a daily basis and take home to wash every night, all ready to use again the next day. I bought mine from T k max, for around £10 (I can’t remember the price exactly). Rather than drinking fizzy drinks or too many coffees, I prefer to have water, so I will not leave the house without this in my handbag. These bottles can also be bought on Amazon.
Ion8 Unisex Leak Proof Slim Water Bottle, Frosted Pink, 500 ml

Carrier Bag;
I’m one of those people that hates buying plastic carrier bags every time I buy something. Material bags are my go to, I always make sure I have one on me. The one I use the most is from Urban Outfitters, the handiest carrier I own. I was given this for free with a purchase a while ago and have used it ever since. These bags are so handy, I use it to carry almost anything in when out shopping. I’m very much against using plastic carrier bags (as I mentioned before, I’m doing everything I can to cut down on how much plastic I use), so using a reusable material carrier bag is definitely helpful.

Hand sanitizer;
This one goes without saying (for me anyway), but a lot of people forget about this product. I’m very much one of those people that always likes to have clean hands.. probably a little more than the average person. So I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my handbag. I’ve done this for years and now can’t imagine not doing it. Any brand will do, as long as it is antibacterial. This comes in handy when you are not close to any bathroom facilities.. like on public transport, when you are out and about and have been touching door handles etc. I always make sure to use this before eating (especially when I know I’m going to be picking up my food). This isn’t for everyone, but for me a must have in my handbag. I get mine from Boots for around £3. They can also be found on Amazon.
Cuticura 50 ml Floral and Fruity Original Hand Gel

Perfume/ body spray;
I love to smell fresh at all times! You know the times when you’ve sprayed your perfume, and a few hours later the smell just isn’t as strong as it was before?.. well this is where having a small bottle of perfume or a body spray in your handbag comes in very handy. I like to buy miniatures of perfumes I like or a roll on perfume, or even a mini body spray. Something that doesn’t take up too much room in my bag (or add to the weight). Body sprays can be bought in most shops, in the UK I tend to buy mine from Superdrug or Boots. Nothing too expensive, depending on the product; a body spray ranges from £1 to £4 and a roll on perfume anything from £5 to £10.

Lip balm/ Lip gloss;
I’ve spoken about lip glosses enough for you all to know how much I love them, so obviously I’m going to carry one around with me at all times aren’t I? I mean, a girl obsessed with makeup is going to carry numerous amounts of lipglosses in her handbag, always! I’d love to say I only carry one with me, but the more I buy, the more end up in my handbag. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I usually wear a lip balm on a daily basis, I use the Nivea Lip butters (in any flavour), so these usually end up in my bag. Nothing too expensive, from around £1 to £3. These can be bought pretty much anywhere in the UK, and also on Amazon.
Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry 19ml


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