Favourite makeup brand at the moment – Makeup Revolution

I knew I wanted to talk about my favourite makeup brand at the moment.. So I figured with Makeup Revolution being so good, it deserves it’s own post. I realise I’m probably repeating what’s been said a million times before, BUT I’m going to say it anyway.. Makeup Revolution is the best makeup brand around at the moment!

It’s a relatively new brand, not new new (you know what I mean). They have such a wide range of products, and I’m pretty sure you could do a full face of makeup just using this brand alone.

I started off with the concealer.. the one everyone went crazy over in the beauty world, (I’ve spoken about this before in my all time favourites post) so you’ll know how much I love it. This is a product I still use today, on a daily basis and I won’t stop using any time soon. I have never found another concealer that can top this! So once I tried the concealer and realised just exactly why people all over the world couldn’t get enough of it, I decided to try some of their other products.

I haven’t tried everything.. far from it, but I’m sure going to give it a go. Because up to now, nothing has disappointed me. One of the main factors for me is the price. Everything in this makeup brand is so cheap! You could buy so many products all at once and not feel like you are breaking your bank account, and that is exactly what we all want isn’t it? Compared to a lot of other drug store brands I have tried over the years.. even though Makeup Revolution is on the cheaper side, it doesn’t effect the quality.

I’m a sucker for new products, so buying expensive makeup is my little ‘treat myself’ if you will. But ever since buying Makeup Revolution I have been obsessed with everything they release (they seem to be getting better and better). They definitely give the more expensive brands a run for their money.

So onto the products I own;

I’ve spoken about this above and in previous posts, so it should be of no shock just how much I love it! When it was first released it came in a small tube and was priced at £4 each. But once they realised just how good it was doing they brought out a bigger size (supersize) at £7, which is what I now use. The bigger tubes last so much longer and has way more product in (so you don’t have to keep running to the shops to buy more). I use this on a daily basis and my first tube lasted around 3 months. So a bargain for the money. They have a huge range of colours, so there is something for everyone. I wear the shade C1.

Eye shadow palette
This was one of those impulse purchases, (although it didn’t feel like it with the price). I was shopping in my local shop (superdrug) and came across a huge Makeup Revolution stand, so obviously I was stood there looking for what felt like hours. I saw a bunch of new palettes, and being a makeup lover I had to have one.. Be rude not to wouldn’t it? This is one of the best palettes I own, and by far the cheapest at only £4.. compared to my other £30+ palettes. They are probably one of the easiest formulas to blend, so don’t worry if you are in a rush to get to work on time, but still want to look cute.. this palette has your back! They have so many palettes, it’s hard to choose.. I have the one called Reloaded.

I’m a bronzer girl.. everything looks so much better with even just a little bit of bronzer! I used to use the mac mineralize skinfinish. Once I was close to running out, I decided I wanted to try something different (something a lot cheaper). So I found this bronzer on the superdrug website.. at £3!! Compared to the £26.50 bronzer from mac, this bronzer was one I wasn’t going to pass up on. I must admit I was a little skeptical, just purely because of the price and how much I loved the mineralize skinfinish, I just didn’t think anything could beat it. But honestly, I would never use another bronzer! It comes in a large pan so lasts such a long time, I have the shade ultra bronze. I’ve been using mine for around 4 months (daily) and it has only just hit the pan. If this doesn’t tell you how good this brand is then nothing will.

I had heard a lot of people talk about these lipsticks, all positives things. I actually bought a relative one for christmas, and she couldn’t get enough of it, so I gave it a try. Along with the other items, this lipstick was only £4 too! Again, compared to the others in my collection, this is by far the cheapest but also the best! The formula of these lipsticks are amazing, I only own one, so I can’t speak for them all. But the one I have in the shade Prime, is my absolute fave! It’s up there with the mac consistency and lasts such a long time. I usually wear this on a night out, but even after drinking far too many cocktails, the lipstick has barely budged. When I am in need of a new colour, I will be sure to be purchasing from Makeup Revolution.

Colour corrector
I’m not a huge colour corrector user, but there are occasions when I may need to cover a blemish, so using a good corrector that does the job is essential. I’ve used many before, all from different brands and never found one that really does the job. I have the corrector in green (for redness). It is the exact same formula as the concealer I use every day, so obviously I was going to go straight for this one. It is the same price as the regular size concealer at £4 per tube, which for the amount of time I use this product is amazing.

Eye primer
Again I don’t use this product on a daily basis (I don’t always wear eye shadow) but when I do, it’s always this one. I used to use the mac paint pot, many years ago. Until it became pointless spending so much money on a product when there are many cheaper ones that do the exact same job. Because I wasn’t using it all that much and didn’t want the paint pot to go dry, I decided to buy this one from Makeup Revolution (once I had ran out of my paint pot). It is from the PRO section of there range, again another cheap product at just £4. I have the shade Core, which is a perfect every day shade. This eye primer keeps your eye shadow in place all day long.

Conceal kit
This product is perfect for Makeup artists, it has such a wide range of colours just in one palette. I have the shade light/medium and in this palette alone I can conceal, highlight and contour my face.. perfect for cream contouring. It is one of the more expensive palettes in there range at £10, but compared to other brands, still so cheap! It is perfect to take on holiday with you, when you don’t want to be packing your entire makeup collection into your suitcase, everything you need for highlighting/contouring is in one palette.

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