The perfumes to add to your collection

Want to smell amazing all summer? (I’m saying summer, we want to smell good all year round don’t we?). I’m not a major collector of perfumes (unlike makeup), but I do have my favourites. I tend to have the ones I wear on a daily basis, and the ones I wear on special occasions.

I do plan on adding more to my collection, but for now I thought I would share my 3 favourites. And hopefully a few ideas for those wanting to treat themselves..

All 3 perfumes have totally different smells, but they are all beautiful in different ways. I’m definitely not spontaneous when it comes to choosing my new scents. I like to scour the shops, smelling as many as possible.. just to make sure I’m making the right choice.


Marc Jacobs – Daisy Dream – Eau De Toilette;
This was one of the first perfumes I got (it was a gift a few years ago). To start with I got the 30ml, I loved it so much I had to upgrade to the 100ml. This perfume is definitely on the expensive side, depending on the amount. It is sold in many UK stores, and online. It comes in 3 sizes, 30ml at £44, 50ml at £57, 100ml at £79. It’s a staple for me, my first expensive perfume and one that will always be in my collection. I recommended this perfume to a lot of family and friends. Now most people I know own a bottle. It’s the lightest smell out of all 3, the fresh easy everyday smell is what makes it so attractive. You know you can spray as much as you want without it being over powering. Marc Jacob scents are one of a kind, they have so many perfumes, all that smell amazing. I was tempted to buy another in this range but changed my mind and went with one that I knew I loved – Daisy Dream.


Jimmy choo – Blossom – Eau de parfum;
Need a fruity, long lasting perfume.. then this is the one. This is my ‘go to’ perfume, it comes everywhere with me. Nights out – weekends away – holidays, everywhere. It matches my every mood and I never grow bored of the smell. So obviously I bought another bottle, ready for when my first one runs out. Jimmy Choo is another amazing brand, they have so many perfumes to choose from, all with unique smells, but this one is by far the best (my personal preference). I don’t like heavy scents, something that smells fresh and almost summer like is my go to. Although this perfume smells the strongest out of all 3 it isn’t an over powering smell. It lasts such a long time on your skin and clothes, that much that I never have to re spray during the day. The 40ml is £38, 60ml is £50 and the 100ml is £67. Still an expensive perfume, but definitely worth the money.


Lacoste – L.12.12 pour elle sparkling – Eau de toilette; 
This perfume is my all time favourite. The first bottle was bought for me as a present (can you tell people know I like perfume) , but I loved it that much I didn’t want to run out. So I went straight to the shops, and bought another. So I currently have 2 bottles of this in my collection, one on my shelf, and the other tucked away safely.. waiting there for when my first bottle runs out.

Lacoste is one of the best perfume brands I have ever owned.. the old classic being touch of pink. That one got me through all my school and college years. So I figured if I like that one so much, then why not try another. This one is by far the best (sorry touch of pink) an upgrade was needed, and it didn’t disappoint. This is my ‘special occasion’ perfume. Personally it’s too nice of a smell to wear on a daily basis. We all have a perfume that we cannot get enough of but we always save for best.. well this is mine. It doesn’t come away with me, purely because I’m too scared of the bottle smashing in my bag (can’t waste my best perfume). It is the cheapest of them all, the 30ml is £30 and the 90ml is £55.


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