Why I started an achievement/accomplishment jar

We are flying through the years so fast it’s hard to keep up, so remembering all your achievements throughout the year is a tough thing to do.

I came across an idea (I think it was on Pinterest) to put all my accomplishments throughout the year into a jar, to be re opened again at the end of the year. That way you can look back and see all the things you have achieved.

We tend to forget about all the small things, too busy getting on with our lives, moving on to the next thing. So this way.. we won’t.

It’s really simple to do, and won’t cost you a lot of money.. free if you use what you already have. For my jar, I use a money jar that was a gift one year for my birthday. Instead of keeping my loose change in there, I keep my achievements.. all folded up into little squares, ready for me to look at again at the end of the year.

You will need:

  • A jar (or some kind of container)
  • Small pieces of paper (scraps will do, old letters or envelopes)
  • A pen

The idea is that every time you achieve something, write it down on a small piece of paper (don’t forget to write the date on) then you will know exactly when it happened, fold it up and put it away in a jar/container. Once it is in the jar, don’t re open until the end of the year. This way, when it gets to Christmas or New year, (depending on when you decide to open it), you can then look back at all those things you did throughout the year, but may have forgotten about.

No matter how small they may seem, if it’s an achievement to you, then it’s worth remembering. Whether it’s ‘I went to the gym for a full week, without making up an excuse not to go’ or ‘I got a new job today’ or ‘I got 30 likes on my post today’. Whatever it is, if it’s important to you and something you are proud of, write it down.

The hardest thing about this is not forgetting to write it down. Try your best to write up a little note as soon as possible (or on your phone, if you aren’t close to a pen and paper), this way you won’t be passing up on achievements you might want to remember.

I’m a ‘New Year Guilt’ kind of person. It gets to the end of the year (or beginning, just after New Year’s Day) and I begin to wonder what I actually achieved that year. I know there are many things I did that I should be proud of, but I just cannot remember them all. Life gets in the way and the smaller things disappear from my memory. So I figured I would give this a try, to see if it helps.

Something good to look back on I suppose, instead of thinking I’ve achieved nothing, I can see right there, in front of me on those bits of paper, all the things I should be proud of. Those notes are memories of achievements, something that should make you happy. Also to focus on those, rather than all the things I didn’t do that year. This way I can be proud of everything I have done, and look forward to making new goals and filling up my jar even more the following year.


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