Saturday strolls in the sunshine

I say a stroll.. it was more of a hike. But hike just wasn’t cutting it for my title! I suppose it could be a stroll, depending on how far and fast you choose to do this walk.

22 degrees (with a slight breeze), the perfect weather for a walk, somewhere with lots to see. I’d much rather go out and explore than sit in my house and waste a day of sunshine that we all long for so much in the UK. I love a cold brisk walk on a winters day but I love a hot summers day walk just as much!


This walk was at Bamford Edge.. a place I’ve been before, but not done this particular route. Once you get into Bamford (Hope Valley) there are so many different walks and routes to take.. so choose the right one for you. My last walk in this area was to Derwent Edge, which I talk about in my ‘weekend walks’ post.. this is the opposite side of the road to Bamford Edge.



There is a small car park/ lay by where you can park your car for free. This is near enough where the beginning of the walk starts. I’d advise getting there as early as possible, to avoid lots of walkers and to ensure there is space for you to park. This is a popular route and does get a lot busier throughout the day.



I got there around 10am, so there was plenty of space and not too many people walking, I noticed a lot more people on the way back down rather than on the way up. It takes around an hour from my house, (if there isn’t much traffic). Which is quite good for a Saturday morning.


The sun was out in full force, so make sure to wear suncream and to pack some in a bag if you are going to be walking for a while. And don’t forget your water, you will definitely need it! There are some parts along the route where you may have to jump over small rivers.. be extra careful! Wear appropriate foot wear and you should be fine.



Once you get to the top you can sit on the rocks and if you’re like me and need a good 10 minute rest then this is the perfect place to do it. You could even take a picnic, get comfy on the rocks and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. The view is amazing and something I want to see again. This place is perfect for those photography pictures we all love, without having to travel too far.



This walk took around two hours thirty minutes to complete, this obviously depends on how fast you walk and how far you decide to go.. around 5.3 miles, a relatively short walk for experienced walkers.. but for me, long enough.


2 thoughts on “Saturday strolls in the sunshine

  1. Love the photos and descriptions. Makes me very homesick for England. Any photos of dry stone walls remind me of my grandfather, who used to build them. Many of the old walls in and around our village had been either built or repaired by him. Thanks for the memories.

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