The only highlighters you’ll need to brighten up your summer

We’re approaching summer time, the holidays to sunny destinations are nearly here. Or if you’re lucky enough, you may have already been.. (I’m still waiting on mine). You want to look fresh and glowy, so you can shine your way through the summer months.

Highlighters are all you will need. I have a collection, but picked out my 3 favourites. One for each occasion. I love that bright glowy look so using a highlighter everyday is essential for me. Whether I have a full face of makeup or just a tiny bit of concealer and mascara on, you will always find me wearing highlighter.

Becca – Shimmering skin perfector;
They have a few highlighters in this range, I have the one in champagne pop. It was such a hard decision trying to choose the colour I wanted, they are a little expensive at £30 each, so buying more than one wasn’t an option. I got mine from New York so it was slightly cheaper than getting it here in the UK. This is my go to glam highlighter, my ‘out out’ option if you will. Whenever I’m going on a night out or somewhere super fancy I always gravitate towards this, just because it has that extra sparkle. And that is what we all want isn’t it? It’s a warm golden champagne colour, perfect for a summers evening. Imagine the sun reflecting off this! You can buy this on Cult Beauty if you are in the UK.


Ofra highlighter – Beverly Hills;
This is my most recent purchase, but none the less.. one of the best I own. This one was recommended on beauty tutorials.. It didn’t disappoint, the colours in this are unreal. It is made up of 5 individual colours; a golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and a pink peach. So you can either use them all together (I do) or use them all separately. This is what makes this highlighter that much better. It is still a relatively expensive product but slightly cheaper than the Becca one, at £25. I bought mine online at Beauty Bay.. the best site for makeup! This is my day glam, the type of day when you still want your makeup to look amazing but not night out amazing (you know what I mean). The perfect in between level of glamness.


The balm – mary lou manizer;
You may recognise this one from ‘My all time beauty favourites’ post. If you haven’t already, then go check it out! So this goes without saying, that this is my all time favourite highlighter. I use it every single day without fail. I use it mostly on my inner corner, brow bone and down the centre of my nose. I’ve just never found another highlighter that suits my complexion as much as this. It’s a light champagne colour, so a good all round highlighter. The second I run out of it, I will be straight back into the store to buy another one. This is the cheapest of them all at around £15, you can get it for cheaper, depending on where you get it from. It can be bought from Beauty Bay, Debenhams and Superdrug if you are in the UK.


All I can say is thank you to whoever first thought of making this product. You’ve made me and millions of other people very happy!

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