Another year celebrating my Birthday in London

You may have seen I spent my birthday in London last year. A place I love! Last year I did a lot of exploring and travelling around the city for the day. But after spending most of my day on the underground getting from place to place, this year I wanted a more chilled day (less travelling anyway).

I decided I wanted a day full of shopping and lots of nice food.. (the best place to be if you are a foodie like me). So perfect for my birthday! I’m from Yorkshire, so London is something very different for me.. which is why every now and then I like to visit and spend the day here. Go to oxford street and do plenty of shopping.


It takes around 2 hours on the train from my local train station to kings cross, which isn’t too bad. I don’t mind the journey, in fact I enjoy it.. I buy myself a coffee, get comfy in my seat and put my headphones in, it makes what seems a long journey, a very short one.

The first stop was finding a cafe near Kings Cross station for some breakfast, we decided on one just a short walk from the station. (You’ll have to forgive me but I cannot remember the name).. probably because I was so excited to get something to eat and get on with my day. Anyway, I had the Sausage and Bacon Baguette, SO good! Enough to set me up for my busy day..


I decided on Oxford Street first, mainly because this is where I wanted to spend most of my time. Half way through shopping I spotted Ben’s Cookies.. a place I’d read about online. Honestly one of the best cookies I’ve had, I got the Milk chocolate chunk cookie (you need to try it). They have one on Oxford Street and another in Covent Garden.


Next we went to Covent Garden, another part of London I adore! They have lots of shops here, and plenty of places to eat. There are so many restaurants surrounding it, so it may be worth having a little wonder further out rather than only staying in the centre. We decided on an Indian restaurant called Punjab, a few minutes walk from Covent garden.


We went at around 4.30pm, which was a perfect time for us. The restaurant wasn’t too full, plenty of places to sit and it wasn’t too noisy. Just how I like it.. full but not too full (you know what I mean). This was a place recommended through google, I spent a long time searching places to eat and ended up choosing this one, (it’s a hard choice to make). It didn’t disappoint, the food was lovely, not quite like the one I get from the takeaway at home but that’s to be expected with it being a restaurant.


After that I wanted to go somewhere for a slice of cake.. because that’s what birthday’s are for right? The only day to eat as much cake as possible and not feel guilty about it! So I did just that.. We stumbled upon a place called L’ETO which was in Soho, a short walk from the restaurant. A nice walk, you get to see a little more of London this way.



We got there at around 6pm, it was a little busy and meant us waiting for around 10 minutes. But I didn’t mind, (once you see the cakes in the window you will understand why). The window display was attracting quite a lot of people.. myself included. Once we were seated I ordered a cappuccino and a slice of the Old Fashion Chocolate Cake. The best cake I have ever tasted! You have to try it! I promise you won’t regret it. It’s a little on the expensive side, but worth every penny. The perfect place for a treat.

When I visit London again you will most certainly find me here, eating my cake and drinking my coffee..



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