Spring/ Summer Nails

I think we can all agree, the best time to get your nails done is during the Spring and Summer months. The colours get brighter.. to match the seasons. I live in England so warm weather isn’t all that common, but whenever we are blessed with some sunshine, you know I will be having those bright nails. Neon is the trend at the moment, so having a bright nail is essential.


I’ve been getting my nails done for around 3 years now, once every month.. sometimes more often for special occasions. I absolutely love having them done, there is just something so satisfying about a fresh set of nails. I’m a girly girl, so any excuse for a set of bright nails.


I’ve grown my nails over the years so I no longer have to get nail extensions, acrylic overlays are the one for me. I change them up in length every couple of months, just for something different. I love my nails short, they look classy and make life easier, especially as I do a lot of typing. Longer nails are my go to for special events, when I want them to really stand out.. or when I fancy a change.


I’m more of an ‘all one colour’ type of girl. This is obviously personal preference.. simple but bright nails suit my hands better. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I might switch it up and have some glitters or gems on them but more often than not you will find me with one colour on my nails.



Getting my nails done is something I look forward to every month, it’s my pamper time, my time out.. walking out of the salon with a beautiful set of nails is a good feeling (it’s the simple things in life).



I’ve always felt more ‘put together’ when I have my nails done, they compliment my outfits and make my hands look so much better! I’ve been going to the same nail technician for 3 years, and honestly I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She knows exactly how I like my nails to look and always has the best selection of colours, updating them whenever there are new colours being released. This way keeping up with nail trends is so much easier.



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