Weekend Walks

As you may have seen from previous posts, walking is one of the things I love to do the most. I love to go and explore new places and take in all the beauty our country has to offer.


derwent 4

Getting up early on a Saturday morning and heading somewhere scenic is one of the good things about living where I do. Derbyshire is around an hours drive from my house (depending on traffic). So this makes it far easier to access all these beautiful places without having to travel too far.

derwent 3

derwent 2

The Peak District is well known for stunning scenery and endless amounts of places to walk. Do a little research before you set off and find the route you would like to take, to avoid wandering around aimlessly.

Derwent Edge is a place I haven’t been before so it was all the more reason for me to take a trip here. I wasn’t disappointed, the views here are breath taking.. once you reach the top you can look down on the Ladybower Reservoir, which in itself is one of the best views the Peak District has to offer, (perfect for those photography lovers).

derwent 6

derwent 5

derwent 8

It is one of those places that once you reach the point you were aiming for, you just want to carry on and see even more. Before you know it, you’ve been walking for hours. Make sure to take some water and snacks with you.. depending on how long you plan to be walking for.

derwent 11

derwent 10

derwent 9

Wear the appropriate footwear as it can be a little uneven at times and muddy if the weather hasn’t been too great. Walking clothing is a good idea, but not essential. Just take a water proof jacket and maybe a scarf and some gloves.. depending on the season you go walking here.

derwent 12

derwent 13

I love to find new places where I can take lots of pictures.. photography is a hobby of mine, so finding those perfect landscape shots are a bonus when enjoying a weekend walk. Every way you turn is another perfect picture.

derwent 14

derwent 16

derwent 15


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