5 ways to style a blazer

I love a versatile piece, something I can wear when I’m going out for drinks with the girls or can just throw on over a tracksuit. Blazers are so simple and easy to style, you can wear them with almost anything.

This blazer is a Leopard print boyfriend blazer from Pretty Little Thing. I wear a size 8, so if you are wanting an over sized style blazer.. I definitely recommend going a size up. It’s so cheap at only £20.. an absolute bargain! You can style this blazer with any type of outfit.. from glam to casual, so getting your moneys worth won’t be a problem.

Outfit 1;
Blazer – PLT,  Skirt – ASOS,  Top – New Look,  Boots – Garage Shoes,  Bag – River Island

Blazer 5

Blazer 4

Outfit 2;
Blazer – PLT,  Trousers – PLT,  Top – New Look,  Trainers – PLT,  Bag – Primark,  Necklace – Primark

Blazer 2

Blazer 13

Outfit 3;
Blazer – PLT,  Hoodie – ASOS,  Joggers – ASOS,  Trainers – PLT,  Bag – Primark

Blazer 8

Blazer 3

Outfit 4;
Blazer – PLT,  Top – New Look,  Skirt – PLT,  Boots – Primark,  Bag – New Look

Blazer 9

Blazer 12

Outfit 5;
Blazer – PLT,  Jeans – F&F Clothing,  Bodysuit – PLT,  Belt – Primark,  Shoes – ASOS

Blazer 10



I absolutely LOVE all of these outfits!

Lois x

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