My favourite online stores

Online stores are the best! The ease of opening up your favourite site and searching for what you need is what makes them so successful.. I mean we can all agree, not having to leave your house is the number one reason we all love online shopping so much!

I am very much an online shopper, so on that note I thought I would share my go to online stores.

Whenever I need a new outfit, whether it be for a night out or just fancy treating myself, this is the site I go for. If you’ve shopped on Boohoo before you will know there is a huge amount of items. So be prepared to be at your computer for a while, (Unless you’re like me and just search for something in particular). They have everything on Boohoo, so more often than not you will find what you are looking for. For £9.99 a year you can have Boohoo Premier, which means you get next day delivery on all orders for a full year, if you are going to be a frequent shopper I recommend getting this. The items on here are so cheap.. and they always seem to have some kind of sale on, whether it be 20% off or free next day delivery. So when placing an order, make sure to look out for them.

Pretty Little Thing..
This is my next go to clothing site. I love sitting and looking for clothes whenever I have any free time. So PLT always seems to be open on my laptop. I can’t get enough of there clothes, the quality is amazing and they have a wide variety of style. Keeping up with the new trends is made so much easier on this site. If you are like me and sometimes have to shop in the Petite range, then PLT is the place to shop! They also do PLT Royalty Delivery for only £7.99, this way you get the most out of your money and have your orders at your door the following day. I have this and renew it every year (I’m a frequent shopper).

Missguided is the site I go for to search new trends. They always seem to be collaborating with someone and bringing out a new range which no other online store do. They collaborate with Bloggers as well as celebrities. But they sell out fast so you have to be quick or you’ll miss it! This site is a little more expensive compared to Boohoo and PLT but the quality is amazing and definitely worth the money. If I am going out somewhere special and fancy treating myself to something a little more expensive, then Missguided is the place to go. Just like most sites they do have an Unlimited Next Day Delivery offer for £9.99 a year, which again if you are a regular shopper then definitely get this.

The online store to find almost anything you are looking for. I love ASOS because they have so many high end brands! Everything is there in one place. They sell everything from clothing, Footwear, Home decor, Skin care and even Makeup. I tend to get a little carried away on this site, I just keep adding things to my Saved items. The amount of items on here is endless.. I can spend hours on ASOS alone.  They also have Premier Delivery for £9.95 which saves you a lot of money on delivery. They stock a lot of designer brands, which is useful if you don’t want to go searching around the High Street.

Lois x

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