Snow Days

Another walking post! But this time, the opposite to a sunset walk.. Living in the UK, the weather changes day by day. So snow days can be known. I took a little trip to a place called Dunford Bridge, not too far away. It is located in the Northwest of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. Or can also be known as Winscar Reservoir depending on your route.

snow 6

This was a place I had never been before, it was recommended by a friend. The drive from my house to Dunford Bridge is a very scenic one. Which made this place even better. On this day, it was a cold winters day.. (very common in the UK). With it being a lot higher up than where I live, I hoped it would be snowy (and as you can tell, it was).

I love a sunset walk but I also love walking in the snow during winter. So you can imagine my excitement when I got here. It is a beautiful place to visit, a place I will definitely go again.

snow  4snow 5

Once you have arrived, there is a small car park (which is free) at the bottom of the hill, just before you start your walk. The walk is also free, which is a bonus. The car park is right at the side of the reservoir so be sure to take some bread to feed the ducks. Make sure to wrap up and wear suitable footwear as depending on the temperatures it can be a little slippery.

snow 11snow 12

This is a perfect place to bring your family and of course your dog! The hills can be a little steep depending on which route you take. I would recommend doing a bit of research before hand, just to make sure it is suitable for you. I love walking to the top of hills to see the view from above so this was the perfect place for me. Also the photo opportunities are endless, I never put my camera away!

snow 9

The route I took was through a quaint village with the most beautiful little houses. The type I would love to live in. With the old brick walls and tractors parked in the gardens. There are lots of different walks you can do around this area, so decide which one you would like to do before setting off. I will definitely be coming back here soon, hopefully in the spring time.. to see what it looks like without the snow.

snow 2snow 3snow 10snow 1


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