Sunday Walks

Sunday Walks are up there with one of my favourite things to do. I usually like to get up early in the morning, get myself ready and head off somewhere scenic. Photography is a hobby of mine so I combine the two by finding somewhere to walk where I can also take great pictures. I sometimes like to go for an evening walk (when the weather gets warmer). In the UK this isn’t all that often so you have to take advantage of it when you can.


I live in Yorkshire in England, so finding places to walk is extremely easy. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by amazing places to go walking. There are so many places on my door step, choosing where to go is the only difficult part.

So I found a place that is only a short drive from my house, I’ve been many times before. A lot when I was younger but never really took in the scenic side of it. This time I went on an evening and realised how picturesque it was.


Walking is good for you in many ways, mainly mentally and physically. Or if you just fancy getting out of the house for a while. It is a good way of clearing your mind.. (the crisp fresh air helps with that).


As you can probably tell, sunsets are my favourite kind of pictures to take. So make sure to get there at the right time!

Majority of places to go for a walk are free, so doing something you enjoy doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Make the most of what’s around you!

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