How I store my makeup


I’ve been a lover of makeup for around 5 years now, collecting numerous amounts over the years, eventually I needed somewhere to put it all. My collection is relatively small but still needed organising and storing somewhere that was easy to get to on a daily basis. I always wanted that tidy makeup space (I used to keep it in a makeup bag), so this is how I managed it..

I did a bit of research on storage ideas, mainly from YouTube and pinterest. I wanted it to be simple but organised in the small space I have. I haven’t got a vanity or a beauty space. So I store it inside my wardrobe (I have a wall to wall wardrobe with lots of compartments in). I used this space by dedicating the middle section of my wardrobe to my beauty things. So once I close the doors they are out of sight, and also not in direct sunlight.

Using the space that I have I wanted some kind of storage, where I could still see all my makeup. Acrylic drawers were the one for me. They are simple but definitely do the job. My makeup is put away neatly but still in easy reach.

I got my acrylic drawers from Muji. They can be purchased on there online site and some stores stock them (check where in your area). I bought mine from Selfridges in the UK. I have 2 different types of acrylic drawers stacked on top of each other to create one big one.

3 sets of 2 drawers, with lift up lids. These are priced at £24.95 each, a little expensive if you are wanting to buy more than one, but worth every penny. I didn’t buy them all at once, this was a gradual thing as my makeup collection grew.

1 set of 5 drawers, priced at £34.95 each. The individual drawers are slightly smaller in depth than the 3 sets of 2 drawers.. but perfect for storing smaller makeup items such as lipsticks, lip liners, individual eye shadows etc.


To store my palettes I have a set of white drawers that fit perfectly into my wardrobe, the reason so.. they are home made, especially made for the size of my wardrobe. I couldn’t find any to fit the small space I have so a bit of home DIY was the only option. My palettes are standing upright to utilise as much space as possible.

This system and way of organising works exactly how I wanted it to, working around the space that I have but still something that is pleasing to look at.

Lois x


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