How to stay organised


Staying organised is one of my 2019 goals, so I thought I would share a few techniques that work for me..

A short list of things you can purchase that will help staying organised that bit easier:
Diary or Planner
Stationary (pen or pencil)
Whiteboard + pen
List book/Paper
Workspace (desk)

Find a technique that works for you:
This is the most important one. There are so many ways of being organised but ultimately we want to be organised and stay organised.. So find a technique that suits your life. There is no point using a technique if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. So before you commit to one in particular, try out a few and see which one you like the most.

Purchase a diary or planner (or both) if you like to stay extra organised. Firstly write all of your important events for the year; Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays etc.. All the events you cannot miss. Have your diary or planner somewhere to hand so you know exactly where it is. Keep up to date and always make sure you are writing in any plans (the more information you have wrote down the easier it will be). Check your diary or planner every morning to refresh your memory. A desk planner is a good alternative if you have a workspace. I use both.. because you can never be too organised.

A To-do list: 
Lists are a simple but effective way of staying organised. Either a list book or piece of paper will do. List books are pretty inexpensive and are available in the stationary section in many shops. You can use this method of organisation for many things such as; Your shopping list, a list of all the things you need to do today, or for the week. Depending on your lifestyle you may find other things to use the list technique for. A whiteboard is another way of writing lists. They are also inexpensive and handy to have around your house.

A tidy workspace/desk:
A tidy space equals a tidy mind right? I have always lived by this and it seems to be working for me. As long as my workspace is tidy I feel I can concentrate and get things done. No matter where your workspace be whether it is a desk, office or your room. If it is tidy it makes staying organised that much easier. This way everything is in its rightful place and you know exactly where everything is, whenever you may need it. Tidy your space on a daily basis to eliminate clutter and I promise it will make a difference.

Always prioritise! Making sure your most important things are done first is a sure way of staying organised and feeling like you are on top of everything. You may have been using the list technique, but when doing so.. always write the most important (or the hardest) tasks at the top of your list. Once you get the biggest things ticked off, the smaller things won’t seem so hard. I tend to do the things that are the most time consuming first, followed by the smaller jobs.

Don’t let things pile up:
The worst thing you can do is allow things to pile up, whether this be a pile of papers or a list that just keeps getting longer. I tend to get overwhelmed if I have let my organisation go, this creates unnecessary stress. It is fine to have a pile of papers on your desk as long as you are aware of the contents but, the smaller the better. Stay on top of any work and To-Do lists this way it will make remaining organised so much simpler.

Determination and consistency are the ultimate factors to staying organised. All of the above techniques are what will help with your organisation skills but ultimately you will only stick to these if you are determined. Staying organised sometimes seems like a simple task but more than likely something we forget to do on a daily basis, due to the fast paced lives we now lead. Stay consistent and after a while it will become a way of life.

I hope these tips are helpful, just a few of what works for me and hopefully can for you too.

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