Musée océanographique Monaco


Museé océanographique Monaco is one of the best places I have ever been! So if you are visiting Monaco then be sure to add this to your list of things to do. Founded by Prince Albert I over a century ago, this amazing building is filled with the most beautiful fish.

Before entering the aquarium make sure you take a look at the building properly. It’s something you don’t get to see everyday, so take full advantage of this and add a little extra to your day out. To the left of the entrance there is a path (and many steps) allowing you to walk right down to get the perfect view of the building and a closer look at the sea. An amazing place to take some pictures. This is something you don’t want to miss out on, a bonus is it won’t cost you a penny. Speaking of money, entrance to the aquarium is only 14 euro per adult, completely worth it!

When you first enter the aquarium you will find a map with all the details of where things are, take a look at this so you don’t miss anything! The first place I wanted to see was the shark lagoon. A huge tank filled with different species of fish, sharks and a turtle (who everyone is desperate to see). This was by far the most fascinating part for me, seeing the fish and sharks that closely was what this was all about. There are some benches not too far away from the tanks.. approximately 10ft away, where you can sit and admire these beautiful creatures. I spent so long in this part (too busy taking in the beauty) that I lost track of time.


Once you have had your fill of the shark lagoon, enter the coral reef.. filled with the fish who bring colour to the sea. There are several thousand species of fish in this aquarium, so there will always be something for you to see. This will no doubt be something you will be eager to tell your friends and family about. There are many bright smaller fish, seahorses, jellyfish and even a piranha tank (these were something I had never seen before) and many more, far too many to list. If you are like me and love to visit aquariums then this is the place for you! You can get up close to the tanks to admire the colours and the beauty. I was surprised at how many different species of fish there are and how many I had never seen or heard of.


It is located on Avenue saint-martin, a stones throw from the prince’s palace. So if you are visiting the palace you may as well take a trip to the aquarium right? There is also a shop on your way out of the aquarium, so make sure to pick up a little memento to remember your day by.

I was mesmerised by everything in this aquarium and without any doubt, if I am ever visiting Monaco again I will be sure to take another trip to Museé océanographique Monaco.

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