Peggy Porschen

I found this place on Pinterest and then again on Instagram.. it’s one of the most talked about café’s in London and I knew that I had to visit. So the perfect opportunity came when I decided to spend a day in London which just so happened to be my birthday.

The café is in Belgravia which itself is a beautiful place. Peggy porschens stands on a corner and you just cannot miss it.. a big pink building covered in the prettiest flowers.



Peggy Porschens is extremely popular so there might be a bit of a queue but completely worth the wait! I sat outside (the best place to enjoy your cake and still watch the wonders of London). If you are in search of those cute candid pictures to put on your Instagram/blog or just want to enjoy a nice cake then this is the place to go.


London is a hot spot for floral Instagrammable café’s at the moment. So Peggy Porschen’s was first on my list and it did not disappoint. There was a slight queue and we were told there would be a 20 minute wait (it only ended up being 10). We were asked where we would like to sit.. obviously I said outside, mainly for the photo opportunities but also because it was a nice summers day and I had to take full advantage of that.

The service is perfect, we were handed a menu straight away and left for a while to choose our treats. The staff were incredibly polite and were quick to collect our order. While we waited for our cake and drinks to come it was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures! So make sure you have your camera or phone ready. The service was fast and the cakes tasted beautiful. Try the Victoria layer cake, you will not regret it!


The most important thing is, will I return? I most definitely will, I cannot wait to take another trip to Peggy Porschen’s the next time I am in London.

Peggy porschen cakes - Instagram worthy cake shop in London.

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